Thoughtful marketing: BMO

Marketing and advertising don't have to be annoying. Sometimes, they can be downright useful. I want to start sharing more examples of marketing that's thoughtful or useful, to spark ideas and inspiration. Here's a small example:

I was at a basketball game the other night. It was a cool, windy evening. The stadium where the Toronto Raptors play is set up so that people have to line up outside, and it can get crowded near the beginning of a game.

When we arrived I noticed 2 people walking around with a sign for BMO, a Canadian bank. Turns out BMO had set up a special entrance just for its customers, a few steps away from where we were standing. Lucky for me, I was one of them.

It was great to get under a covered area that had a shorter lineup. I am not looking to buy new BMO products, but as a BMO customer, it felt like a pretty good perk. 

You don't have to have a stadium-sized budget to do something useful for your customers that also benefits your company. It could be something as simple as having branded umbrellas at your office for when visitors arrive on a rainy day, or an online tool that makes it easy for people to import data into your software.

Something to keep in mind when you're thinking about new marketing ideas.